Join Our Efforts

You can help Solar Circle by making a donation that will be used to promote the use of solar lanterns throughout Tanzania. You can also help to install solar power at a 500 student primary school. A donation of:

  • $30 provides a family with a solar lantern
  • $120 lights up the homes of 4 families
  • $100 buys a desk, chair and books for a student
  • Donations not only pay for lamps, but also help ensure that the Barter Program continues.
  • Installing a solar power system at the school cost $50,000.

Whether your donation is small or large, it will go a long ways towards helping a person in need. Click on the PayPal link above to make an online donation, or send a check made out to Solar Circle:

Solar Circle
2539 Koala Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823