New School

There is a school begging to be finished in Buyuni, a one hour drive outside Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city. It was started by a group of Catholic Sisters, who hope to open it within two years, to serve a newly developing area. The school will serve all students, using the government approved curriculum.roof

The school will have two streams of grades one through seven. It is slowly being built, block by block, by hand – no power tools! Construction has stopped and started many times for lack of funds. Hopefully classes will open within two years.Jitegemee making block (5)

Right now, the school roof is under construction. The Sisters are raising funds, dollar by dollar, from any individuals who pass through their circle. They call their fundraising effort “Jitegemee,” Swahili for pull yourself up, rely on yourself, make your life count.

The need for good schools in Tanzania is critical. The population is so young, resources cannot meet need. The median age of Tanzanians is 17.4 years (U.S. is 37.6 years). Sixty-four percent of the population is under 25 years of age!

When building started, the men dug into the sand to make blocks. Fortuitously, water appeared! After the blocks were made on site, and two stories were built, the water dried up. Solar Circle financed a well and pump for the school, so there would be no need to truck water for several miles to the building site.tanzania 2014 195Jitegemee 164

Construction plans for the site have been certified “green,” meeting LEED standards. When completed, we will install solar electricity. Until then, we seek help in finishing the school.